Eliminates SARS-CoV-2 (Covid19) in 30 seconds

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Tested in a level 3 biosafety laboratory and certified with the UNE-EN 14476 standard for ALL wrapped and unwrapped viruses.

Ionisis Technology

IONISIS technology transforms tap water into a powerful disinfectant by adding just ½ gram of salt. 


Clean, deodorize, eliminate pesticides and disinfect your home by eliminating viruses, bacteria and fungi with a single product.  


You will take care of your family and the planet by avoiding plastic containers and toxic waste.


Time, space and money

with Ionisis Technology

The ionisis technology, with its patented triple layer, electro-chemically transforms the tap water making it an excellent sanitiser at a sterilisation level.

Probado en laboratorio de bioseguridad de nivel 3 y certificado como virucida con UNE-EN 14476 para TODOS los virus encapsulados y no encapsulados.
What is ITASH iClean?

It is a novel technological product that generates, in situ, a very fast acting biocide.

It acts effectively on viruses and bacteria by inactivating them, acting on their lipid layer, and thus inactivating them without allowing them to enter the cells and replicate.  

This cleaning and sanitizing solution does not leave biofilms, which helps to avoid cross-contamination and has a remaining power of more than 48 hours.  

It has an internal safety system to control the disinfecting capacity of the liquid generated and to prevent the generation of sterilising water in excess of 200 ppm. This guarantees great efficiency and maximum protection for the user.

The tests carried out with ITASH Iclean determine that neither the dermis nor the skin’s collagen is affected.  


It produces an electro-chemically activated water solution, which is obtained as a result of passing a continuous current of electricity to tap water to which a small amount of pure salt (without additives) has been added, 0.5 grams for 400 ml of water. The initial conductivity of the same is increased very significantly with the Ionisis Technology transforming it into a powerful disinfectant of very fast action (tested with 30 seconds).


By purchasing each ITASH iClean, in addition to helping to cut the chain of contagion, you will be helping many people through an NGO

A part of the amount of your purchase will go directly to help the neediest people.

and you?