Itash iClean

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The Ionisis technology with its patented triple layer, electro-chemically transforms the tap water making it an excellent sanitiser at a sterilisation level.

  • Eliminates SARS-CoV2 (covid19) in 30 seconds with 99.98% efficiency. It has a specific test with this virus.
  • Tested in a level 3 biosafety laboratory and certified as virucidal with UNE-EN 14476 for ALL viruses.
  • IONISIS technology transforms tap water into a powerful disinfectant by adding just ½ gram of salt.
  • It cleans, deodorises, eliminates pesticides and disinfects your home by eliminating viruses, bacteria and fungi with a single product.
  • And you will also save and take care of the planet by avoiding plastic containers and toxic waste.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: cleans, deodorises, eliminates pesticides …
  • POSSIBLE uses: floors, bathrooms, kitchen, extractor hood, fridge, children’s toys, bags, pets, vehicles, online packaging, shoes, chairs, tables, mattresses, pillows, counters, computer keyboards, mobiles, masks …
  • Remaining protective effect on surfaces for 48 hours


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ITASH Iclean with Ionisis Technology

The Ionisis technology with its patented triple layer, electro-chemically transforms the tap water making it an excellent sanitiser at a sterilisation level. It has an internal safety system to control the disinfecting capacity of the liquid generated and to prevent the generation of sterilising water exceeding 200 ppm. This guarantees great efficiency and maximum protection for the user.

It acts effectively on viruses and bacteria by inactivating them, acting on their lipid layer, and thus inactivating them without allowing them to enter the cells and replicate.

This cleaning and sanitizing solution does not leave biofilms, which helps to avoid cross-contamination and has a remaining power of more than 48 hours.

Tests carried out with ITASH Iclean determine that neither the dermis nor the skin’s collagen is affected.

It produces an electro-chemically activated water solution, obtained as a result of passing a continuous current of electricity into tap water to which a small amount of pure salt (without additives) has been added, 0.5 grams for 400 ml of water. The initial conductivity of the water increases dramatically with Ionisis technology. Depending on the quantity and quality of the salt added, the final solution will have a different concentration of active substance. The indicated amount, 0.5 gram of pure salt, must be added, no more, to guarantee the effectiveness tested in the tests and to obtain maximum safety for the user.

The equipment also offers great efficiency in the degradation of organic substances such as oils, fats, or protein-based stains.

With Itash Iclean several effects are achieved: cleaning, disinfection and deodorisation.

ITASH Iclean biocide type, main group 1: disinfectant (TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, TP5)

The composition of the electrochemically activated water is a mixture of active chlorine and hypochlorous acid. (HOCL / CLO- ; HO-;)

The cleaning and disinfection solution produced by ITASH Iclean allows the replacement of conventional chemicals eliminating the harmful effects on the environment, it also eliminates the cost of chemicals, as well as the associated cost of packaging disposal and the risk of accidents.

It allows a safe work and acts effectively on all types of surfaces (hard surfaces, white surfaces, walls, glass, worktops, wc, carpets, textiles in general, upholstered furniture etc …

It can be used in the presence of people. This treatment does not require a safety period as the surface can be used immediately after disinfection.

The electro-activated water produced by ITASH Iclean maintains its effects at room temperature for a period of approximately 3 to 7 days and 2 to 3 weeks if kept in the refrigerator.


STEP 1 Fill the container up to the 400ml mark. 

STEP 2 Add 0.5 grams of refined salt without additives. A small scoop of the meter that we added with the salt.  

STEP 3 Close the container and shake gently to dissolve the salt 

STEP 4 Insert the container into the base station. 

STEP 5 Press the START button and choose the desired mode (LOW: 1 minute, or HIGH: 3 minutes) 

STEP 6 Once the process is complete, remove the bottle and spray on whatever you wish to clean or disinfect.  


  • General hygiene and sterilization of the whole home

  • Kitchen hygiene and sterilization 

  • Hygiene and sterilisation of hospitals and health centres

  • Hygiene and sterilization of cold rooms 

  • Hygiene and sterilization of bathrooms 

  • Hygiene and sterilization of furniture (tables, chairs, computer keyboards, sofas…) 

  • Hygiene and sterilisation of toothbrushes, combs, shavers, etc. 

  • Public transport 

  • Hygiene and sterilization of ambulances, since by not generating biofilms they help to avoid cross infections.  

  • Hygiene and sterilization of offices and shops 

  • Hygiene and sterilization of vehicles

  • Hygiene and sterilisation of surfaces and equipment in the food industry 

  • Suitable for general aerobic correction 

  • Elimination of pesticides in fruits and vegetables 

  • Cleaning stains on textiles

  • Cleaning of mould in bathrooms

  • Disinfection of carpets and rugs 

Typical diseases in schools and nurseries can be minimised through ITASH Iclean equipment being a good partner in the sterilisation of surfaces and air. The same applies to homes and workplaces, as it can help maintain a better state of disinfection. 



Clean the device using a cloth moistened with water Itash Iclean. Do not use chemicals or detergents.  


If, after using the device for a while, you find a layer of white dirt deposited on the electrodes, clean them as follows 

Pour 100 ml of water and 100 ml of vinegar into the bottle and leave it to stand for another hour so that the electrodes can be cleaned.  


The more you use ITASH iclean, the more benefits you will obtain, since it allows you to clean and disinfect the whole house, replacing all or most of the chemical products used in the home, with an excellent level of disinfection, which avoids cross-contamination, as it does not generate biofilms, and which allows you to extend the protection in disinfection due to its remaining power of approximately 48 hours. All this is also certified by ITEL, the Spanish Technical Institute for Cleaning, which belongs to the Research and Advice Centre for Cleaning and Hygiene, which advises cleaning companies and official bodies.  

Change the way you clean and disinfect your home. Use ITASH Iclean, you won’t regret it! You will save money, you will avoid residual chemicals in the environment, you will save time by not having to go shopping or changing cleaning products, you will save space at home because you will no longer need so many bottles of different products, you will avoid plastic container waste each month for the planet, and you will improve in disinfection. 

And as if all that weren’t enough, it protects you against SARS-CoV2 (COVID19) and the COMMON H1N1 INFLUENZA. 99.99% efficacy guaranteed. Specific tests carried out in a level 3 Biosafety laboratory and EN 14476 certification in an accredited laboratory.  

Itash iClean
Itash iClean
249,00 Impuestos incl.